About Breastfeeding Support - Javea

Welcome to Mama's Milk - Leche De Mama - Javea

All information shared within the drop-in group and on the Facebook group is evidence-based and complies with both UNICEF and WHO. 

Topics covered range from supporting mothers to breastfeed, position and attachment at the breast, solving problems for the mother like pain and damage, mastitis and blocked ducts. 

The group is also there to support families who mix feed or supplement their babies with either breast milk or infant formula. The group also offers mother to mother friendship and support, in a safe and friendly atmosphere. 

FREE Wednesday morning drop-in group starts at 10am and finishes around 1pm. 

The group is situated at the Capoeira and Wellness Centre, Jávea (Jávea Port):

The breastfeeding Facebook group can be found here: 


"Without the support of Hanna and the group I would have given up breastfeeding in the first few weeks. Through expert advice and support I managed to overcome some initial hurdles and I have now surpassed my goal of 3 months. I feel like my bond with my baby is so much stronger because of this amazing woman/group and I could not be more thankful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart".​
"Thank goodness for such a great resource. Rather than trawling through the internet, I have used the group Facebook page countless times to read the extremely helpful articles that have been posted. Hanna has been a godsend in times of need answering my questions about breastfeeding, especially in the early days when I was so unsure of everything. Thank you so much!"